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Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Access to formiraex and the content related to this matter that you specify that you have read, accept and agree to be bound by the terms of use. If you do not accept the terms of use Please avoid accessing and formiraex reserves the right to change the terms of use. Your access is considered acceptance of the said change.

No warranty 

Formiraex provides information and components. Although Formiraex makes every effort to make the information and components as accurate as possible, Formiraex cannot guarantee that the data and components are accurate. Complete enough Timely Suitable for any particular purpose And without any problems. Formiraex is not responsible for any errors or omissions. In that information and component 


Exceptions / Restrictions on Use of Services

Formiraex is the owner of the copyright / licensed rights to all information that displays images and display formats as they appear in Unless otherwise clearly specified No one may copy, reproduce, have a backup copy, imitate, act as a modification and / or add it for public distribution. Or used for any other purpose Without the written consent of Formiraex, unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions in


Signing up for Formiraex's services or using Formiraex's services or providing your information to Formiraex via and / or email Formiraex or other channels as required by Formiraex will assume that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of As registered by Formiraex. By registering with Formiraex, you will have the right to receive useful information about the products and services provided by Formiraex. It is considered an agreement to allow Formiraex to use such information for other purposes for purposes that Formiraex deems appropriate. And is beneficial to both Formiraex and you. However, this must not be in conflict with the Data Privacy Policy as it appears here. 

Privacy policy

Preserving personal information is important to everyone. Formiraex ("Formiraex") is aware of the privacy rights of your personal information. And strives to ensure you receive maximum security from the use of Formiraex services. Therefore, your personal information that Formiraex receives will be kept and strictly processed for security purposes. And prevent the use of your personal information with dishonest intent in accordance with Formiraex's confidentiality standards.
To use Formiraex in order to use Formiraex, you need to enable access to your personal information as follows.
Including accessing data in files via add-ins


Formiraex will collect and collect your personal information as necessary. Depending on the content and type you want to receive services with Formiraex, including Formiraex will use personal information Or the fact that makes it possible to identify a person Whether directly or indirectly And / or disseminating your personal information By may request information from you directly By the application process and the additional services Which requires a person to contact you. Formiraex proceeds carefully. In accordance with lawful and appropriate methods for the purposes of the content and service type And will use personal information Those for the benefit of developing content and services for you or for the need for follow-up To check the interaction between you and Formiraex in case you have any questions. Which will be according to your needs


Your personal information will not be collected, disclosed, distributed widely. Or used for any other purpose In addition to the objectives that have been informed to you Except with your consent Or otherwise provided by law


Disclosure of personal information

You have the right to your personal information. Formiraex will not allow the disclosure of your personal information. Unless it is necessary to disclose it in order to comply with the provisions of the law Or according to the judgment Or according to a court order Or at the court's consideration Or arbitration Or any other organization having legal authority Or in accordance with announcements, rules, regulations, orders or requests by any other authority having legal power


Personal information that Formiraex receives from you May be used to improve product design Promoting Formiraex marketing and service development. However, Formiraex guarantees you. That your personal information Will be treated confidentially and using high standards of safety In addition, Formiraex reserves the right to bring your personal information. Used in analysis Information anytime And if there are any amendments As a result of the said data analysis, Formiraex will include the said amendments in Formiraex.


Acceptance of the privacy policy As well as changing the said policy

This document is the latest version of Formiraex's privacy policy, which will replace the other forms of privacy policy for Formiraex created by Formiraex.