License application
(Shrink Wrap License)

 Formiraex, who is licensed to use computer software under this contract We caution you to read the entire text of this contract before you are bound by the use of this product.

     When you have read the text of this contract If not agreed according to the contract Please stop using the product when you use this product. And / or use this computer program Assumes that you agree to be bound as a licensee to use computer software under this agreement In which the licensor and the licensee agree to enter into the contract, having the following text:

1.   Computer license

1.1 The licensor is the copyright owner or the licensee of the use of the computer program
named Formiraex and the documents specified in this contract. (Which in this contract is called computer software)

1.2 The licensor agrees to allow the licensee to use computer programs as specified in this contract in the following manner:
1.2.1 Users of computer programs at the same time There will be no more than 1 person (one person)
which means Many people may use computer programs. But must be used one by one.
1.2.2 Users of computer programs at the same time There can be more than 1 person (one person),
but the licensee must sign a contract with another licensor to allow more than one person to use the computer program at the same time.

2.   Rights of contract parties

          2.1 The licensee has the right to use computer programs and various documents. As specified in this contract

          2.2 The licensee has no right to rent computer programs or documents or any rights granted under this contract to other parties. Except with the consent of the licensor in writing

          2.3 The licensee has no right to reproduce, modify, remove, advertise, translate, edit the name, number, code or re-compile. Which computer program Unless the consent of the licensor is In writing or in cases where the law allows it

          2.4 The licensee hereby certifies that it will not remove, destroy, damage or make it unclear.

In which the mark or symbol represents the ownership of copyright or trademark of the licensor

By willful or gross negligence

3.   Limitation of liability and warranty

3.1 The licensor is not liable for any damages That occur to computers and peripherals Or other programs Or anything else from the use

4.   Keeping trade secrets

Licensee will not disclose information or techniques about computer programs which the licensee
Know or should know that is the trade secret of the licensor in a way that would cause damage to

- 3 -

5.   Testimonials

          The licensor hereby certifies and confirms that The licensors have complete rights and are free from any obligations. Which will impair the rights of the computer program Documentation regarding user manual Or anything else related to computer software under this contract And the licensor has the power to authorize the licensee to use computer programs legally

6.   Fighting lawsuits

          6.1 In the event that someone else sues or exercises the rights, it will sue regarding the violation of the rights to the computer program under this contract. Licensee will notify the licensor within 10 days from the date that the licensee knows And the licensor has the right to be joint defendants in civil cases or as joint plaintiffs in counterclaims

          6.2 Expenses and damages incurred to the licensee as a result of rights infringement cases under this contract The licensee is entirely responsible.

7.   Dispute resolution

In the event that a dispute arises from this contract Or related to this contract The parties wish to have the dispute resolution by conciliation by means of dispute resolution in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce on intellectual property dispute resolution. Which was in force at the time of the dispute
For dispute resolution And under the operation of the Department of Intellectual Property. The Ministry of Commerce stated


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